Armoured fighting vehicle BMR

Armoured fighting vehicle BMR

The Pegaso 3560 BMR is a 6×6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier produced in Spain by Enasa since 1979.

Originally powered by a Pegaso 9157/8 306 hp diesel engine, it has an automatic gearbox, torque converter, independent suspension in all six wheels and amphibious capability. It can also be transported by air. It has received different kind of weapons throughout its life and there is also a field ambulance version. As part of its optional amphibious equipment, it has two hydrojets for travel through water.

Pegaso BMRs are used by Spanish, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Moroccan and Peruvian Armies.

The Spanish Army BMRs (or BMR-600) have been instrumental in the performance of Spanish forces in international interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. In the last few years, all of them had their original Pegaso engines replaced by new 310 hp Scania DS9 61A 24S engines, as part of the “BMR 2” programme. Furthermore, the vehicles were fitted with additional passive armour and an air conditioning unit. They are now known as BMR M1.

The Austrian Pandur I is based on the BMR-600.


  • BMR 3560.50 (BMR-PP) (Porta Personal) – Basic APC. Can be armed with machine guns .50cal M2HB, 7.62mm MG1A1 or an automatic grenade launcher 40mm LAG-40.
    • BMR EDEX (Equipo de Desactivación de Explosivos) – Version for EOD teams with higher roofline and equipped with special boxes to transport explosives.
    • BMR C/C MILAN – Tank hunter with MILAN ATGM.
    • BMR C/C TOW – Tank hunter with TOW ATGM.
    • BMR VCZ (Véhiculo de Combate Zapadores) – Combat engineer vehicle with light bulldozer blade and winch.
    • BMR VRAC-NBQ (Vehículo de Reconocimiento de Áreas Contaminadas) – NBC reconnaissance vehicle.
    • BMR GEL (Guerra Electrónica) – Version fitted with specialised equipment for electronic warfare.
  • BMR 3560.51 (BMR-PC) (Puesto de Control) – Command post vehicle.
  • BMR 3560.53E (BMR-PM-81) (Portamortero) – Mortar platform with 81mm mortar LN M-86 and 100 rounds.
  • BMR 3560.54 (BMR AMB) (Ambulancias blindadas ) – Ambulance.
  • BMR 3560.55 (BMR-Recup) (Recuperación) – Light repair vehicle with crane, winch and tow bars.
  • BMR 3560.56 – Signals vehicle.
  • BMR 3560.57 – Tank hunter with HOT ATGM. Prototype.
  • BMR 3560.59E (BMR-PM-120) (Portamortero) – Mortar carrier with 120mm mortar L-65.
  • VMA (Vehículo Mecanizado Anfibio) – With improved amphibious capabilities. Prototype.


Weight  15.4 t
Length  6.15 m
Width  2.49 m
Height  2.36 m
Crew  3
Passengers  8
Armor 10-40mm hardened aluminum
Primary weapon 1 Browning M2 12.70 mm machine gun with 2,500 rounds
Engine Scania DS9 61A MIL Pegaso 9157/8 (BMR-600), 6-cylinder, 9-liter turbo diesel 
306 hp
Power / weight ratio 20.12 hp / t
Maximum speed 120 km / h
Fuel capacity 400 liters
Autonomy 1000 km
Transmission ZF model 6HP500
Rolling 6 wheels, 6 drives


  • Spanish army: 682.
  • Egypt: 260
  • Mexico: 7 with the Mexican Marines.
  • Peru: 20 (Marines)
  • Saudi Arabia: 200 with the Royal Saudi Navy
  • Morocco: 100
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