China launches 11 ballistic misssiles around Taiwan including DF-15 and DF-16 variants

China launches 11 ballistic misssiles around Taiwan including DF-15 and DF-16 variants

According to information published on the Twitter of the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense on August 4, 2022, the armed forces of China have launched multiple 11 DF ballistic missiles at Taiwanese NE and SW waters including DF-15 and DF-16 ballistic missiles.

Citing information from the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, the missiles landed to the northeast and southwest of the island, consistent with previously-designated exclusion zones, and posed no threat to the public.

Taiwan sees these Chinese missile launches as a threat for marine operations. The Chinese armed forces’ military exercise area is located just 28 km (15 Nautical Miles) from the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s biggest and busiest seaport.

Japan said on August 4, 2022, that five of the ballistic missiles fired by China were believed to have landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). it was the first time Chinese ballistic missiles had landed in Japan’s EEZ, which extends up to 200 nautical miles (370 km) from the country’s coastline, beyond the limits of its territorial waters.

According to open source military information, among the 11 Chinese ballistic missiles fired on August 4 in the afternoon, there would be DF-15 but also a new variant of the DF-16.

The DF-15 is a short-range road-mobile ballistic missile in the Chinese-made Dong-Feng (DF) missile family. It was unveiled for the first time at the Beijing Defense Exposition in 1988 and entered into service with the Chinese armed forces in 1995.

The DF-15 (CSS-6) is a solid-fueled, single-stage mobile missile. The vertically-launched 9.1 meter long missile has a range of 200-600 km, carrying a payload of 500 kgs with high explosives (HE) or nuclear warhead and a CEP (Circular Error Probable) of about 280 meters.

The DF-16 is a mobile short medium-range ballistic missile of the Chinese-made Dongfeng (DF) missile family. It was unveiled for the first time during the military in Beijing, on September 3, 2015.

The DF-16 is a mobile-launched, two-stage, solid-fuel ballistic missile that has a maximum range from 800 to 1,000 km. The second stage has maneuvering fins at the base of the second (upper) stage allowing the DF-16 to make flight corrections to hit targets more accurately. The DF-16 can carry one to three warheads with conventional high explosives, nuclear warheads, or cluster munitions of 500 to 1,000 kg.

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