Etna Class Replenishment Oiler

Etna Class Replenishment Oiler

The Etna class is a ship class of two naval replenishment and logistic support ships used by the Italian Navy and by the Greek Navy The two ships are almost identical but they have differences in their armament and sensor equipment.


Fincantieri shipyards were awarded the contract for Etna in July 1995, and the ship was launched in July 1997. The ship was commissioned into the Italian Navy in February 1998.

Etnas main role is to fully support the long-range missions of a naval squadron, which would typically include an aircraft carrier and complete escort. Additionally it has to be in position to refuel the squadron, including the air wing of the carrier, and also provide full logistic support in terms of repair workshops, spare parts, ammunition replenishment and supplies. The ship can play a crucial role in civil protection operations when asked. The ship has high autonomous capacity to provide electrical power, fresh water and prepared meals and also has fully equipped hospital and medical facilities on board.

HS Prometheus

The construction of the Greek ship HS Prometheus began in Elefsina on February 18, 2000, at the Elefsis Shipyards. It was launched on February 19, 2002 and commissioned into the Greek Navy on July 8, 2003. It is the largest ship of the Hellenic Navy (in terms of displacement). The Greek Navy does not have an aircraft carrier like the Italian Navy so the primary role of the ship is different. As the largest ship of the fleet it is used as a Command ship.


General characteristics
Type: replenishment oiler
Displacement: – 13.400 t (13.188 long tons) full load
– 5.980 t (5.886 long tons) to empty ship
Length: – 146.6 m (481 ft) LOA
– 138.8 m (455 ft) LPP
Beam: 21 m (69 ft)
Draft: 7.25 m (23.8 ft)
Depth: 7.4 m (24 ft)
Propulsion: – 2 × shafts with controllable pitch propellers
– 2 x diesel engines Sulzer 12V-ZAV-40S, 8,640 kW (11,590 bhp) each
– 1 x bow thruster
Speed: 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph)
Range: 7,600 nmi (14,100 km; 8,700 mi) at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)
Complement: up to 245
Crew: 160
Sensors and
processing systems:
– 1 x surface radar Selex ES RASS X band radar
– 2 x navigation radar GEM Elettronica LD-1825 (I band) (MM/SPN-753 and MM/SPN-754)
– 1 x SICRAL 1, 1B and 2 satellite communication system
other satellite communication systems
– 1 x Raytheon surface radar AN/SPS-10D (G band)
– 2 x navigation radar GEM Elettronica LD-1825 (I band)
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Prometheus:AN/SLQ-25 Nixie decoy
Armament: Etna:
– 2 x OTO Melara KBA 25/80 mm
– Machine Guns: 2 x M2 Browning 12.7 mm
– 1 x CIWS Vulcan Phalanx Mk 15 Mod.12 20 mm (+1 to be fitted)
– 4 x Rheinmetall 20 mm
– Machine Guns: 2 x M2 Browning 12.7 mm; 6 x 0.30 in (7.6 mm ), 2 x MG-3 7.62 mm
Aviation facilities: – flight deck 28 m (92 ft) x 21 m (69 ft), for NH-90 and AW101 or UH-1N and Sikorsky S-70 SeaHawk
– hangar for 1 x AW101 helicopter
Notes: – 4 x RAS (Replenishment At Sea) Hepburn systems
– 1 x RAS aft station for the supply of oil


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