Howitzer 155/52 APU SBT

Howitzer 155/52 APU SBT

The Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 is a 155 mm towed howitzer developed and manufactured by the Spanish company Santa Bárbara Sistemas (SBS).


This howitzer has a bi-mast mount, hydraulic rod-type brake and hydraulic counter-rod with moderator, pneumatic recoil, screw closure with self-closing actuation, three-stage muzzle brake, and plastic biscuit plug. It also has a 106 hp diesel engine that acts as an auxiliary power unit (APU) and gives it an autonomous speed of 18 km / h, allowing rapid entry and exit into position.

The tube is one-piece self-jacketed, with a length, as indicated by the name of the piece, of 52 gauges, that is, 52 times its diameter (155 mm), 8,120 mm. The volume of the chamber is 23 liters.

You can use instant, timed, proximity and electronic percussion fuzes. The projectiles for their part can be breakers, smoke, illuminant and anti-tank.

Its sector of aim in direction is of – / + 40º and in elevation of -3 / + 72º. It has a hydraulic attack system for the load, usable with any angle of fire and any type of ammunition. It is also equipped with an inertial navigation system and a ballistic computer.

The manufacture and assembly is carried out in the Asturian factories of La Vega and Trubia, although the raw tubes are supplied by the German company Rheinmetall, although their production, using the cold self-casting system, is done in Trubia.


Weigh 13,500 kg
Length 10.35 m (in running position)
Barrel length 8.12 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 2.2 m (in driving position)
Crew 6 (normal), 4 (reduced)

Calibre 155 mm
Recoil Pneumatic recuperator, rod-type brake and hydraulic counter-rod with moderator.
Vertical angle  -3º to + 72º
Horizontal angle +/- 40º
Maximum range 40 km effective range with assisted ammunition


  • Spain
    • Spanish Army:
      Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 APU-SIAC (66 units)
      66 howitzers 155/52 APU-SIAC (Integrated Field Artillery System) with the corresponding 66 PR4G radio stations and as many ROVIS intercoms.2
      Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 APU (V07) (16 units)
      These howitzers, in version 155/52 APU (V07) (4 built as such and 12 obtained from the modernization of copies of the V06 version), constitute the Coastal Artillery Group (GACTA) Mobile of RACTA No. 4, with direction mobile draft 9KA-410 (the others available on this model are fixed). It incorporates a series of modifications with respect to the field artillery version, such as the integration of specific software that allows continuous aiming of the target, which is known as “pursuit shot”, and it is also contemplated to provide it with automatic aiming. The GACTA Mobile is expected to constitute, together with the Anti-Ship Missile Group (not yet created), the future defense of Spain’s coasts.
  • Colombia
    • Colombian National Army:
      Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 APU-SBT (15 units)
      Acquired in 2005 (out of 25 originally planned), for a value of € 13.5 million, received 9 in 2006 and the remaining 6 in 2007.
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