Italian Air Force Equipment

The Italian Air Force is the air force of the Italian Republic. Since its formation, the service has held a prominent role in modern Italian military history. The aerobatic display team is the Frecce Tricolori. The Italian Air Force has 716 aircraft and 43,000 active personnel.


Combat aircraft, or “Warplanes”, are divided broadly into multi-role, fighters, bombers, attackers, and electronic warfare support.

95 Eurofighter Typhoon (multirole)


F-35 Lightning II (multirole)
13 F-35A (60 planed)

AMX International (attack)
35 A-11B
5 TA-11B

Panavia Tornado (attack)
61 IDS

An airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system is an airborne radar picket system designed to detect aircraft, ships and vehicles at long ranges and perform command and control of the battlespace in an air engagement by directing fighter and attack aircraft strikes. AEW&C units are also used to carry out surveillance.

2 C-37B (AWACS)
4 CAEW and 2 SINGINT in order

Military transport aircraft or military cargo aircraft are used to airlift troops, weapons and other military equipment to support military operations. Transport aircraft can be used for both strategic and tactical missions, and are often diverted to civil emergency relief missions.

15 C-130J Super Hercules (tactical transport)

C-27J Spartan (tactical transport)

2 Boeing 737 BBJ (VIP)

Falcon 900 (VIP)

maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), also known as a patrol aircraftmaritime reconnaissance aircraft, is a fixed-wing aircraft designed to operate for long durations over water in maritime patrol roles — in particular anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-ship warfare (AShW), and search and rescue (SAR).



Aerial refueling is the process of transferring aviation fuel from one military aircraft (the tanker) to another (the receiver) during flight. The two main refueling systems are probe-and-drogue, which is simpler to adapt to existing aircraft.

trainer is a class of aircraft designed specifically to facilitate flight training of pilots and aircrews.

49 PC-21

12 C-12S Huron (trainer/transport)


32 UH-1N Twin Huey (utility)

15 AW139 (SAR/utility)

AW101 Merlin (CSAR)