Radar Herakles

Radar Herakles

Herakles is a passive electronically scanned array multi-function radar manufactured by Thales Group. It is installed on board the FREMM multipurpose frigates and the Formidable-class frigates of the Republic of Singapore Navy.

It has a track capacity of 400 air and surface targets and is able to achieve automatic target detection, confirmation and track initiation in a single scan, while simultaneously providing mid-course guidance updates to the MBDA Aster missiles launched from the ship.


A true multifunction radar, it has convincingly demonstrated its capabilities on board of the Formidable class and FREMM class vessels. The system offers high-performance ECCM features as well as low radar cross section to optimize vessel stealth. Herakles represents the state-of-the-art in naval radar technology withintegrated IFF with mode 5 and mode S. Being fully solid-state and with redundancies for vital functions, it offers an unmatched availability.

  • Designed to be the sole radar on-board high-value ships
  • Long range surveillance concurrently with area and self-defence in one single mode
  • Multi-beam surveillance for optimized dwell-time over full sector
  • Excellent littoral performance
  • Optimal integration with ASTER missiles, quali ed with live rings


Functional Aspects:

  • Smart management of the phased array antenna and use of a wide variety of waveforms to perform concurently
    • medium and long range coverage 3D air and surface
    • area defence
    • target tracking
    • raid analysis and target classi cation support
    • weapon, missile and gun control (splash-spotting).
  • Integrated IFF (mode 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4 or NSM, mode 5 and mode S)
  • Automatic fast track creation process: early detection, confirmation, and first track creation to optimise defence system reaction time in threat zones
  • Huge firing power
  • Non cooperative target recognition
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy maintenance – minimum personnel training

Performance data

  • 3D air domain 250 km
  • Surface domain 80 km
  • Coverage 0 to 250 km, 360º in azimuth, 0 to 70º in elevation
  • Track capacity > 400 air + surface
  • Monopulse + dedicated tracking for all air targets
  • Splash spotting function for fire control on surface targets
  • Fully compatible with Aster 15/30 missiles

Technical Data

  • Only one mode to perform Surveillance and Anti Air Warfare with ASTER in all weather conditions
  • Antenna
    • Antenna rotation speed 60 rpm
    • Two axis mono pulse phased array
    • Air cooling
  • Transmitter
    • Frequency band E/F band (S-band)
    • Solid-state technology
  • Processing
    • State of the art technology
    • Digital pulse compression
    • Finite Impulse Response Doppler Filtering (FIR)
    • Rapid loop to support ASTER guidance
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