Rocket launcher Alcotan-100

Rocket launcher Alcotan-100

Alcotan-100 is a recoilless, one-man portable, single-use anti-tank rocket launcher used by infantry, manufactured by Instalaza. It is shoulder-throwable, recoilless, and transportable by a single man for infantry use.


The Alcotan-100 is made up of two main components:

Shooting direction (reusable)
Ammunition (disposable)
Shooting direction
The reusable optronic firing direction, called VOSEL, provides the Alcotan-100 and Instalaza C-90 with a high probability of hitting the target.

The VOSEL direction of fire has full day / night capability, laser telemetry, target lateral displacement sensor, and future point display.

It is made up of the following components:

  • Vision module
    Day / night vision mode: the shooting direction is equipped with an optical sight that by activating a 3rd generation image intensifier tube allows the identification of the target at a distance of up to 1,200 m at night.
  • Telemetry module
    A class 1 laser rangefinder, with a range of 2,000 m, determines the distance at which the target is located.
  • Orientation module
    A triaxial sensor provides data to determine the angular shift of the target.
  • Presentation module
    It shows the shooter the information generated by the shooting direction (messages, tracking cross, future point, and combat sight).
  • Calculation module
    It incorporates the electronics that manage all the functions of the fire control:

    • Check the status of the firing direction (self-test).
    • Identify the type of ammunition and its temperature.
    • It receives the information from the telemetry and orientation modules.
    • Prepare the information received, following the firing tables incorporated for the different types of ammunition.
    • Find the location of the target (future point).
    • Transmits future point information to the display module, which displays it through the eyepiece.
      All these functions, including target tracking, take less than 3 s to complete. The elaboration and calculation process takes less than 0.03 s.
  • Power module
    It consists of a 12 V rechargeable battery.
  • Safety and trip module
    It contains the security elements that control the enabling of the direction of fire for the shooter to take the shot.
  • External elements
    Controls, coupling guide with the tube and connection elements.


VOSEL Fire System

The VOSEL fire system gives the Alcotán-100 a high hit probability. It incorporates night vision that allows the operator to identify a target up to 1,200 metres in the night, a laser rangefinder with a range up to 2,000 metres and a ballistic computer.

The VOSEL fire system can be used separately from the launcher tube as a night surveillance telemetric device.


  • Calibre: 100 mm
  • Length: 1.15 m
  • Weight: 14 kg
    • Launcher with projectile: 9.5 kg
    • Fire system: 4.5 kg
  • Range: 30 m to 600 m (max range 656 yards)
  • Engine: Solid-fuel rocket


Spanish Army. More than 500 rocket launchers, along with nearly 300 firing directions, 23 simulators, and 53 trainers. The initial version Alcotán-100 is in the process of being replaced by the Alcotán-100 (M2) .3
Peruvian Army. More than 100 rocket launchers.

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