Rocket Launcher RGW 90

Rocket Launcher RGW 90

RGW 90 (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a 90mm man-portable, anti-armour, multi-purpose weapon system manufactured by German-based company Dynamit Nobel Defence.

Designed for use by infantry and special forces, the RGW 90 is intended to engage and destroy a variety of ground-based targets including main battle tanks, light armoured vehicles, fortified facilities, bunkers, wall structures, and fixed shelters.

The RGW 90 has the ability to operate from confined spaces. It took part in the FIDAE 2016 International Air and Space Fair held in Santiago de Chile in March 2016.

RGW 90 orders and deliveries

The RGW 90 anti-tank weapon system entered service with the Slovenian Armed Forces in January 2008 and is also operational with the German Armed Forces. The British Army took delivery of the RGW 90 AS in March 2010.

In January 2013, the Belgian Ministry of Defence announced its intension to buy 111 RGW 90 AS weapons with projectiles and sighting systems for the Belgian Army.

The RGW 90 is also in service with the armed forces of Singapore and Israel under the name Matador.

Design and features of RGW 90 anti-armour weapon system

The recoilless grenade weapon system is shoulder-fired by a single soldier and is simple to use. It is installed with a recoil spring system.

The length of the weapon in transport position is 1m, which is increased to 1.15m when fitted with HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank) warhead.

The infantry weapon system can be upgraded to deliver enhanced performance capabilities against a range of tactical threats at long ranges.

RGW 90’s warhead

The multi-purpose warhead options, HEAT or HESH (high-explosive squash head), provide a high rate of fire against a variety of ground targets in difficult combat situations. The warhead has two charges, penetration charge and follow-through charge.

Built with single-purpose shaped-charge, the 2.5kg HEAT warhead has the capacity to defeat 500mm RHA (rolled homogeneous armour) of armoured vehicles.

Fire control system

The RGW 90 family can be equipped with a fire control system to achieve improved accuracy and precise target acquisition capabilities. Weighing approximately 1kg, the fire control system consists of optical sighting system, night vision system, laser rangefinder and ballistic computer.

The sighting system produces 3X magnification and offers a field of view of 8°. The laser rangefinder is used to determine the targets over a range of 1km with an accuracy of +/- 1m.

Operation conditions

The anti-armour weapon system is designed as a single-use weapon and is capable of operating under all weather conditions in both day and night lighting conditions. It has low firing signature and produces low smoke and blast noise.

“Designed for use by infantry and special forces, the RGW 90 is intended to engage and destroy a variety of ground-based targets including main battle tanks, light armoured vehicles, fortified facilities, bunkers, wall structures, and fixed shelters.”

Weapon system variants

  • RGW 90-MP: Multi-purpose weapon with a warhead effective against a wide variety of ground targets, from light armoured vehicles to fortified positions and urban walls. As with the initial MATADOR, this is achieved with a dual-mode fuse, which has been improved on the MATADOR-MP such that it now automatically discriminates between hard and soft targets rather than requiring the operator to manually make the selection. A dedicated targeting device, mounted on its Picatinny rail, incorporates a reflex sight and laser rangefinder to provide a high hit probability.
  • RGW 90-WB: Specialised wall-breaching weapon, featuring an Explosively-Formed Ring (EFR) warhead that breaches a man-sized hole, between 75 cm (30 in) to 100 cm (39 in) across, in typical urban walls.
  • RGW 90-AS: Anti-structure weapon with an advanced tandem warhead that can also be set between two modes. The anti-emplacement mode uses an enhanced blast effect to defeat structures and fortifications, while the penetrating/mouse-holing mode defeats light armoured vehicles and creates mouseholes in urban walls. RGW 90-AS has been ordered by the British Army, and is slated for service entry in 2009.


Mass 8.9 kg (19 lb 10 oz)
Length 1 m (3 ft 3 in)

Caliber 90 mm (3.5 in)
Muzzle velocity 250 m/s (820 ft/s)
Effective firing range 500 m (1,600 ft)
Feed system Disposable
Sights Integral optical sights
Night Vision Device on a Picatinny rail


  • German Army – Has ordered 1,000 RGW90 AS with scalable anti-structure munition. Also the German Army uses the LRMP version (range: 1,200 meters) under the designation „Wirkmittel 90“. In late 2020 the German Army ordered several thousands more of different munition types for the Wirkmittel 90.
  • Israel Defense Forces
  • Mexico – RGW60 variant, first seen in September 2018, 3,000 units approx.
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • UK Army – has ordered the new Anti-Structures Munition (AS) version of the RGW 90 from Dynamit Nobel Defence.
  • Vietnam – Used by the Vietnam People’s Navy’s marine force.
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