U.S. Army unveils new laser gun system for the first time

U.S. Army unveils new laser gun system for the first time

The U.S. Army has demonstrated the first prototype of a new laser weapon system based on the Stryker combat vehicle.

Video released by Army Professional Forum (APF) shows the finished, combat-capable prototype of the Directed Energy Maneuver Short Range Air Defense, or DE-MSHORAD, with a 50 kW-class laser integrated onto a Stryker platform.

Mounted on the newest Stryker A1 chassis, the DE-MSHORAD system, along with Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) system, will be deployed to protect divisions and brigade combat teams from unmanned aerial systems (UAS), rotary-wing aircraft, and rocket, artillery and mortar threats.

The new DE-MSHORAD capability will provide brigade combat teams with a 50-kilowatt laser aboard a Stryker combat vehicle in support of air defense artillery operations.

Currently, the force is working on fielding a DE-MSHORAD to the platoon level by fiscal 2022.

The Army also looks to field a 300-kilowatt Indirect Fire Protection Capability-High Energy Laser, or IFPC-HEL, and IFPC-High Powered Microwave, or HPM, at the platoon level in support of brigade air defense artillery operations in fiscal 2024.

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