US Army Organization

Combat maneuver organizations

The U.S. Army currently consists of 10 active divisions as well as several independent units. Each division is made up of several brigades (BTC – Brigade Combat Team).

Armoured Brigade Combat Team (ABCT)
Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT)
Infantery Brigade Combat Team (IBCT)


1st Armored Division1st ABCT “Ready First”
2nd ABCT “Iron Brigade”
3rd ABCT “Bulldog Brigade”
1st Armored Division Artillery “Iron Steel”CAB “Iron Eagle”Armoured DSB “Muleskinner”
1st Cavalry Division1st ABCT “Ironhorse”
2nd ABCT “Black Jack”
3rd ABCT “Greywolf”
1st Cavalry Division ArtilleryCAB “Warrior”Cavalry DSB
1st Infantery Division1st ABCT “Devil Brigade”
2nd ABCT “Dagger Brigade”
1st Infantery Division ArtilleryCAB “Demon”Infantery DSB
3rd Infantery Division1st ABCT “Raider”
2nd ABCT “Spartans”
48th IBCT “Macon Volunters”
3st Infantery Division ArtilleryCAB “Falcon”Infantery DSB
4th Infantery Division1st SBCT “Raiders”
2nd SBCT “War Horse”
3rd ABCT “Iron”
4th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
7th Infantery Division1st SBCT
2nd SBCT
81st SBCT
7th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
10th Mountain Division1st IBCT
2nd IBCT
27th IBCT
10th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
25th Infantery Division1st SBCT “Artic Wolves”
2nd IBCT “Warriors”
3rd IBCT “Broncos”
4th IBCT (Airborne)
10th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
82nd Airborne Division1st IBCT “Devil Brigade”
2nd IBCT “Falcon Brigade”
3rd IBCT “Panther Brigade”
82nd Airborne Division ArtilleryCAB “Pegasus”Infantery DSB
101st Airborne Division1st IBCT “Bastogne”
2nd IBCT “Strike”
3rd IBCT “Rakkasan”
101st Airborne Division ArtilleryCAB “Wings of Destiny”Infantery DSB

Within the Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve there are a further 8 divisions.

28th Infantery Division2nd IBCT
56th SBCT
CAB “Heavy”
29th Infantery Division30th ABCT
53rd IBCT
116th IBCT
29th Infantery Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
34th Infantery Division1st ABCT
2nd IBCT
32nd IBCT
116th SBCT
34th Infantery Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
35th Infantery Division33rd IBCT
39th IBCT
45th IBCT
35th Infantery Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
36th Infantery Division56th IBCT
72nd IBCT
155th ABCT
256th IBCT
36th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
38th Infantery Division37th IBCT
76th IBCT
38th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
40th Infantery Division29th IBCT
41st IBCT
79th IBCT
40th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB
42th Infantery Division27th IBCT
44th IBCT
86th IBCT
42th Infantry Division ArtilleryCABInfantery DSB